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   Quiz number 13.   Feb.2017 ---- Sept.2017

   General Knowledge.

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1). A batsman hits a ball that will clear the boundary for six but it strikes a bird in flight the ball drops just inside the boundary and is caught. There is an appeal, What is your decision ?.

2). The batsmen have crossed on their fifth run when the ball trickles over the boundary. How many runs are scored?.

3). Can a substitute fielder act as runner for an injured batsman?.

4). How long can you roll the pitch for at the change of innings?. .

5). A fielder places his helmet behind the stumps the batsman edges a delivery high above the keeper who stands on and jumps off the helmet and claims the catch, on appeal what is your decision?.

6). The bowler bowls a no ball and the batsman legally hits the ball to leg and sets off for a run. How many runs are added to the score?.

7). When playing the ball it hits the pad, then the bat and runs down to fine leg. The batsmen run one. How are the runs scored if any? .

8). . You call and signal no ball for a fast short pitched delivery, the striker ducks but the ball grazes his helmet and then crosses the boundary. What signals do you give the scorers?.

9). The bowler delivers a no ball which beats the bat but hits the strikers thigh pad and flies away over the short boundary with out touching the ground. How many runs are scored?.

10) As the bowler runs in to bowl the wicket keeper makes a substantial movement up to the stumps, What must the umpire do?.

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The BCU&S. Quiz compiled and verified by David Heap and Karen Knott.

The answers to the above questions are correct according to the laws of cricket. 

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