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  1.    Umpires work as a team. Never forget or ignore your colleague.

  2.    Early arrival at the ground is essential for pre-match discussions with your colleague. Together meet the captains, scorers, groundstaff, match managers and tea ladies. Together carry out field, boundary and equipment inspection. Before, during and after the match both umpires should portray co-operation in all matters. This will have a beneficial affect on the players, match officials and spectators.

  3.    If you arrive late and are unable to carry out any of the above you will start the match in the wrong frame of mind, and you will have lost a measure of credibility with the captains and players.

  4.    Remember, good rapport with players is earned. It is not a God given right. Respect from the players helps prevent problems. Also, remember that the captain is responsible for the conduct of his team.

  5.    Try to anticipate problems, be aware if not alert to all situations at all times, both on and off the field. Do not be too eager to take obvious corrective action when a problem appears to be brewing. At the first sign of trouble, a look of disapproval or a quiet word can often prevent escalation of the situation. Regular eye contact with your colleague should be enough to ensure that you are both aware of the problem.

  6.   Do not be officious and demonstrative. A quiet word to the captain as you pass in the field can often prevent a situation getting out of control. This kind of action can also be effective with a fast bowler who may be pushing the limits of unfair play.

  7.   Sledging can be in the "friendly" or "happy" category. Normally it is in the abusive category. The former has to be monitored and controlled. The latter must be eliminated.

  8.   If a potential problem suddenly erups out of control both umpires must take immediate remedial action. Never run towards the players involved, this will only exacerbate the problem by making the players more irate and aggressive.

  9.   Never touch or put your hands on a player in an attempt to colm him down. Legally, this is assault and he can hit you in self defence. Keep all players at arms length, this will make it difficult for him to hit you. If he has a bat, stand further away. Hold your hands open, with arms apart, to show you are not a threat. Do not shout or raise your voice.

 10.  A player may have lost his temper, do not make sudden movements, give him time to calm down, do not argue with him. Listen and discuss the problem quietly. If a player steps towards you, you must back away, making sure not to overcrowd him or give him a chance to strike you. Avoid eye contact. If you consider it safe to do so, try and stand at the side of the player, thus avoiding eye contact.

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Umpires Pre-match Activity.

   All umpires must arrive at a venue/match at least 45 mins. before the official start time, listed below are the duties that umpires should perform prior to the start of a match, as recommended and instructed by the E.C.B.A.C.O. ("Best practice" card.)


Arrangements which the ECB ACO "Best Practice" code specifies umpires  adhere to before play begins.
1. PRE-MATCH - umpires TOGETHER should meet captains AND scorers, to check and agree marking of boundaries, provision of sawdust, positioning of sight screens, availability of covers etc.
Umpires need to be present 30-45 minutes before start of play for this and other duties.
Take charge of match balls and spares.
Check and measure pitch length and marking of creases.
Captain to exchange and provide umpires with completed and signed team sheets,  identifying young players.
Scorers need to be aware of umpires' signals and acknowledgements, master clock/watch to be followed, method of recording power plays in score books.
2. SUPERVISING THE TOSS - should be on the field, between 30 and 15 minutes before the agreed time for start of play (even if delayed) and in presence of one or both umpires.

Captain winning the toss must communicate his decision IMMEDIATELY to bat/bowl to opposite number.
Cannot change decision.
3. MEETING AT THE TOSS - to agree and confirm :
Spirit of the game / discipline - BCLUA attitude to dissent etc ( See our latest news page.)
Drinks intervals
How we deal with rain
Umpires will advise captains on time elapsed, over rates etc
Covers - request for prompt action when needed
Sight screens - ? single or double
Power plays in cup matches
What happens if spectator/child/dog etc touches ball before it reaches boundary
No of overs in delayed start matches
Books checked after 1st inns and at the end of the game.


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