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 Umpires and Scorers Association.

 Est. 1930.

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Any scorer wishing to join our association or for any information you require, please contact  Karen Knott, the BCL. Secretary with your enquiry.  (knott_karen@hotmail.com)  or  phone  01204 535842.

Karen will reply A.S.A.P.

  The following scorers have already joined us. 

  Phil Andrews. (Farnworth)           Pauline Ashton. (Westhoughton)            Richard Blagg. (Eagley)

   Nick Chamberlain. (Adlington)   Lynn Hatton,  Paul Hatton,  Rachel Hatton. (All Atherton) 

Stephen Merry. (Horwich)        Andrea Moxon. (Little Lever)        Tracey Brooks. (Unattached)


    Little lever Scorer Andrea Moxon.  Chairman welcomes members 2012.      Rules meeting. March 2016. For new members.     


Congratulations to Aidan Constantine (Farn.CC.) who was voted YOUNG SCORER OF THE YEAR 2016.

     Also nominated and presented with a trophy where the following  ---------- Nathan Grundy (Little Hulton),     Jack Kane (Adlington).               Emilee Seddon (Atherton).              Harvey  Haydock (Westhoughton).

                        Well done to all. ---- The future for scorers looks in very good hands.


          On Monday March7th 2016 a meeting was held at Darcy Lever CC. to welcome Scorers, Umpires and  Captains from the B.Ass. league that have joined the B.C.L. The BCL. Chairman John Hutchinson and League Sec. RayTaylor outlined the BCL. playing conditions and local rules. The meeting was well attended. (See photos above).                                                                                                                                                                             -------------------------------------------------------------                                       

 The Bolton League and Karen are very pleased that so many scorers have shown so much interest in the organised training programmes, the future looks very good for the Bolton Cricket League.          -------------------------------------------------------------------------


The ECB ACO provides tuition in the art of scoring. The education programme is split into three main levels Club scorer level 1, Recreational scorer level 2 and Recreational scorer level 3. There are two courses before Club scorer level 1, neither of which requires ECB ACO membership and there are three continuous development workshops in computerised scoring, Duckworth Lewis calculations and linear scoring. The latter three do require ACO membership.

The following courses are available.

 Scorer’s introductory course. This is a two hour course covering the basics of how to score and suitable for complete beginners, players, parents of junior players schools etc. Certifcates of attendance will be issued.

Club scorer.  This is the first stage on the scorer education pathway aimed at club scorers and covers all aspects of scoring as per the MCC laws of cricket. There are three options to take this course.

1.)  8-10 hour course based in a classroom.     2.)  E-learning course.     3.)  Certificates of attendance will be issued.

Club scorer level 1.  If candidates wish to achieve this qualification then they must be a member of the ACO.   It is not a delivered course but is based on a personal discussion with the candidate, observation of them scoring and a look at their scorebook, in which there must be evidence of scoring at least 10 matches.

Recreational Scorer level 2.  This course focuses on preparation and planning and involves a one day classroom discussion and workshop activities. To attend you must have club scorer level1, RSL1 or RSL1A or be an experienced scorer with CSO recommendation. To gain this qualification you will be assessed as well as complete a portfolio.

Workshops available for professional development.

    Linear scoring:              Half day practical workshop. No assessment taken.

Duckworth Lewis.       Half day workshop. No assessment undertaken.

                                                        Total cricket scorer.      One day practical workshop.

Recreational Scorer level 3.   This course aims to bridge the gap between recreational and professional scoring and consists of one day of classroom discussion and workshop activities. Candidates must be level 2 qualified and hold a linear and DSL certificate of attendance. No assessment is undertaken in the classroom, however they will be assessed at a two day match.

For further information about any of these courses then please contact.

 Karen Knott  on 01204 535842  or (knott_karen@hotmail.com)



Further information and news will appear on this page shortly.



Club Scorers Course leading to Level1.

These courses are open to any person who is interested in improving their skills in “scoring” the game of cricket,


An introduction to scoring course will be held at Astley Bridge


Club Scorers Course at Astley Bridge Lasting 4 weeks

For details of THE ABOVE and all future scorers training courses please contact.  

Karen Knott - 01204 535842.

Bolton Cricket

      Umpires and Scorers Association.

Est. 1930.

Sponsored By----- Bolton Lock Company Ltd.

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