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  Meetings are held at UNSWORTH CC. On the first Thursday of each month  OCT - - APRIL at 7-45pm.

Eric Roberts.              Chairperson. Karen Knott.
                   Secretary. Peter Rayson.            Treasurer. John Lloyd.


 President Mr Eric Roberts (Left) and Chairwoman Mrs Karen Knott (Centre) presenting Mr Ernie Johnson (right) with a token of appreciation for his many years of service to the LCB - ACO. (Northern Branch) and mark his retirement as President back in February 2014.

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Programme for the forthcoming winter season. 2017/18.

 October 5th   - "That was the season that was"  

  November 2nd  -   New Laws 2018 discussion with Nigel Tench

December 7th  -   The Christmas Quiz

  January 4th   -  AGM & Presidents Evening

February 1st   - Guest Speaker - Mr John Holder

    March 1st   - Guest Speaker - TBC

April 5th  -  Interleague Quiz

Anyone interested in coming along to a meeting, then please just turn up on the night. You will be made very welcome.


Thursday 5th October 2017  - "That was the season that was"

The first meeting of the winter season saw  a lively discussion on various things that had happened over the past season ranging from best position to stand to avoid injury, stances of players and player behaviour  just to mention a few . First class umpire Steve O'Shaughnessy was present and was able to give his point of view and  how to deal with the incidents quoted, which was very much appreciated by all those present. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Our next meeting in November will see Nigel Tench talk about the new laws of the game which has been moved from the March meeting .

The ACO.(Northern Branch) provides the following at all meetings.

 1. A training base as different points of law can be discussed, and where courses are currently being held locally.
 2. A source of information - an update on what is happening within the  organisation.
 3. A chance to have an informal chat with colleagues from other leagues.
 4. A chance to talk to others simply interested in cricket as the meetings are open to anyone interested in cricket.
 5. An opportunity to listen to speakers who are interested not only in cricket but also other sports. 

Meetings provide an ideal opportunity for both Umpires and Scorers from local leagues to meet and discuss cricket matters both locally and nationally.


The Association of Cricket Umpires :- (By---Ernie Johnson.)

An inaugural meeting took place at the King’s Head, Mitcham, Surrey. This was as a result of a advertisement placed in a London newspaper by two top grade Football league referees who also enjoyed umpiring in the summer.

It was apparent to all that the standards were generally poor. Men returning to   “civvie street” having spent 4,5, or even 6 years of their lives in the forces, were looking for sport and there was a great demand for players spectators and officials.

The two referees, appalled by the lack of knowledge of the laws were David Smith and Tom Smith and encouraged by an attendance of 30 –odd, set about forming the ACU as it then was. With much enthusiasm training started and by 1957 R.S.Rait- Kerr and Tom Smith complied and published Cricket Umpiring and Scoring.

The leader of the group forming the Northern Branch was a Major Claridge. He travelled regularly to London and made quite an impact. He was appointed as an instructor and examiner, which became an essential office as so many people were anxious to become ACU members. The oral examinations,  initially, were still governed by London but so many were wishing to take the exam that two  good men travelled up from London to take the orals. Such a good impression was made that it was decided that the Northern area could conduct its own  affairs, including organising courses and apart from producing their own exam papers, were entirely capable of running their own affairs. So by 1958 there were more than a dozen full members in the area and it didn’t take long for five of these men to meet regularly to pursue the next steps and a room was booked at the Douglas Hotel in Manchester on 10th December 1958. All members of the ACU in the area of 50 miles around Manchester were invited to attend by letter. That night the Northern Branch was formed.

It wasn’t an easy start as the Northern Branch was regarded as a Northern Office, however a great deal of trust was being fostered amongst the top people in both camps and on the horizon was the prospect of complete self- rule. Unfortunately, following an AGM in London in March 1959, Mr Collins the secretary, boarded the train for home and suffered a fatal heart attack.

In a way Northern Branch, by their successful training programmes ,were probably overseeing their own demise. Major Claridge travelled all over the North East taking training courses and starting up umpiring groups. Eric Holmes travelled to Liverpool to conduct a course, spoke to the sports editor of the Liverpool Echo and 47 students turned up. Small wonder that in these areas, new branches were forming. By 1965, the following Branches were started. The North East, Mersyside, NW Midlands and Preston.

A minute dated February 1971 read. “Council of ACU be requested to set up a sub- committee to consider the further development of the Association, the possibility of re organising its administration." The proposer was Harold Smith and the seconder was Eric Holmes. Northern Branch had approved of the proposition at its AGM in the January.

Harold Smith threw himself into how ACU should be regionalised having been appointed by Head quarters and single handedly came up with the system we would have had today but for the formation of the ACO.                                                      

                                             Ernest Johnson.   (March 2013.)


 The following is an extract from the ECB Code of Conduct.

   Clubs should be aware that they have a responsibility for their players, officials, members and supporters. This includes offensive comments on social networking sites. Breaches will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.



For details of all future courses contact. David Heap, 01204 846926.
 or check the "Notices/Training" page on this site.

These courses are open to any person who is interested in improving their skills in “scoring” the game of cricket, and for any acting “Scorer” who is interested in gaining an ECB ACO Level 1 qualification in scoring.  Full details are printed on our "Notices/Training" page.

If you are Interested in the Level 1 or the Scorebook entry courses contact:

Karen Knott on 01204 535842  or  e-mail   knott_karen@hotmail.com.



   January 8th. 2016.             

       January AGM. Guest speaker for the night was the ACO chairman Nick Cousins who presented John Lloyd, Harold Marshall , Clive Knott and Karen Knott with their 40 years membership of the ASU&S/ ACO award.  He spoke of changes in the game with  poor discipline being the main bone of contention. There may be big changes ahead in the rewrite of the laws. He gave his views of umpires wearing helmets and mentioned development of possible alternatives to a full helmet being worn
 February 4th. 2016.       

Ian Herbert and Ian Marland both D list umpires gave members an insight as to how they got involved in umpiring and the process they followed in achieving the level that they are at. It was nice to see people from grass roots level following the ACO pathway and not getting on just because they played county cricket. Both told of the way they prepared for a match and how to handle one which proved interesting to say the least  and got people discussing matters especially over no balls.

.                                                    --------------------------------------------
 March 3rd. 2016.

    A very enjoyable and interesting quiz was enjoyed by members and won by the NEW PENNINE LEAGUE, our thanks to Clive Knott for providing the questions.


Jan. 5th. 2017.

The last meeting of the Branch was the AGM where all officers were re- elected. The Guest speaker was Glynn Pearson, the North of England ACO officer who spoke on his cricketing career and how he got involved in umpiring and umpire training for first ACU&S and later ACO. He then answered questions from the audience. What has been disappointing has been the attendance of late at these meetings and it s hoped  to attract more members through social media.

The next meeting will be on February 2nd where the Guest speaker will be Nick Cousins, the Head of ACO.  for the meeting  on March 2nd a guest speaker has been arranged but still awaiting confirmation and then April  6th it will be the interleague quiz.


Feb. 2nd 2017.

       The meeting was opened by the President of the ECB ACO Northern Branch Mr Eric Roberts who said he was pleased to introduce Mr Nick Cousins, head of the ECB ACO to our monthly meeting at Unsworth Cricket Club in Lancashire.

      The reason for his visit was two-fold, firstly, to be guest speaker to our members, secondly, to present to our Chair, Mrs Karen Knott a much belated award of the Honorary Life Membership of the ECB ACO. ( See photo on the  Photo-Gallery page.)

      This prestigious award should have been presented to Karen on the day of the ECB ACO AGM  meeting at Lords on the 29th October 2016 and witnessed by her peers present.  But why is it taking place at this later date and what is the reason for missing the award presentation on the day you ask,  it was due to an unfortunate episode to one of her two travelling colleagues from Lancashire who was taken to A&E at St Mary’s Hospital where Karen spent most of the day in A&E at  her colleagues bedside passing information to various people at Lords and to his family in Lancashire, therefore missing this special occasion and after all that, having to travel home, one colleague short and empty handed. Not the most exciting day at the home of cricket or in the capitol. The regular evening meeting was abandoned and the proceedings passed over to Nick who in his reassuring way kept the audience captivated during the first part of the evening with his words of wisdom relating to the world of cricket and rugby.  It was time again for Nick to step forward and present the award to Karen. Before presenting the award he informed the meeting of the various roles and dedicated service that Karen had over 40 plus years being involved in the local leagues, the ECB ACO and the disbanded ACU&S. It was joyous yet sad occasion to see Karen who has remained dedicated for such a long period of time backed by family, friends and colleagues, carry out her various roles within cricket receive such a prestigious award from her fellow peers. The sadness is that Clive, Karen’s husband passed away two weeks earlier. On the night her younger son Martin with Karen’s brothers Mark and Stephen over from New Zealand attended the gathering to see the presentation of this award to a worthy recipient.

April 6th. 2017.            

                     At the interleague quiz last night 6-4-17. a team of 4 made up from GML,Pennine league and Bolton league won the competition on laws involving penalty runs and received prizes donated by Fearnleys . Certificates were presented to those umpires who had passed their level 1 and to scorers who had attended a level 3 course.


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