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Members Notices.

The Bolton Umpires committee wish to thank all captains for a much improved and higher percentage response in submitting umpires reports for the 2016 season, these reports are vital especially to the umpires who wish to progress to a higher grade cricket. Please keep the standard up in 2017.

Our congratulations go to Brian Yeldon and David Nolan Umpires for the HAMER CUP FINAL 2016, and also  Harold Marshall and Kevin Woolley, who umpired the BIRTWISTLE CUP FINAL 2016.

 Congratulations also to   B.C. Umpires   Mark Liddell,  Iqbal Atcha,  Yousef Kathadra,  Dil. Patel, and Matt Wilson on achieving the ECB. ACO. Level 1A.
 Also our congratulations to members Lenny Kerr, Mohammed Amin, Chris.Parsons,  Paul Caddick, Kevin Holt, David Flanagan and Malcolm Venn who have passed Level 2.

The BCU&S. Committee congratulations go to our ACO. member DAVID HEAP who was awarded Life Membership of the organisation for services to the ACO. and ACU&S.

Congratulations to all the scorers who have passed exams recently, your names are on the scorers page on this website.

Captains reports are vital to the progression of umpires as we are all graded by the ECB ACO at the end of each season. Our gradings determine which kind of matches we are asked to officiate in outside the Bolton League.  Anybody interested in joining us and wishing to become an umpire just contact any member or official of our association who will provide you with details that will point you in the right direction.


As photos of umpires are now being published on the “iScoop” and “Boltonumps” websites would all members please acknowledge our associations dress code at all matches in the future as follows. 
   1.     Bolton league white jacket, White shirt and Tie,   or
   2.    ACO. Jacket and White Shirt.    
With Dark Blue or Black Trousers and Clean White Shoes.
The reason for this note is that recent photos published on other websites show members not adhering to our required standard of dress, and your committee feel that standards must at all times be upheld.

Your co-operation in this matter will be appreciated.

Bolton Cricket Umpires  and   Scorers Association.


Umpires' Training.

  An introductory course approx 4 hours for parents, players, spectators and those wanting to know a little more about the game and the Laws of Cricket.

Level 1 Umpire 16 to 20 hours leading to ECB ACO Level 1 qualification.  (Understanding the laws and for those who intend to umpire regularly.)

Level 1A Umpire 8 to 10 hours, for umpires who have completed Level 1 and umpire regularly as part of a league panel. No exam, assessments only.  (Understanding the game, beond the laws.)

Level 2 Umpire approx. 10 to 16 hours, for those umpires in the feeder leagues and aspiring to the premier or senior leagues Level 3 Umpire. For those aspiring from Premier or Senior leagues into the multi-day game.  (For those who aspire to umpire higher grade cricket.)

Levels 1, Level 1a and Level 2 are the main qualifications. All umpires have the opportunity to progress up to Level 3.  

For further information contact Bolton Cricket League Umpires and Scorers Association. Or check on our "LATEST NEWS" page for course details.

By:   David Heap.  (LCB. ACO. Training Officer).


Course for new and existing Umpires.

A Course aimed at helping people become umpires is being held in Bolton in the New Year.

ECB Association of Cricket Officials will be running a Level one cricket Umpiring course at:-

Astley Bridge Cricket Club Sharples Park, Bolton BL1 6PZ 

The course starts:- 

Starting at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm and is aimed at anyone interested in becoming an Umpire in Local leagues, and for existing umpires looking to revise the laws of the game. 

Cost of the course £40 (Course material included)    Cost of revision £15.

For more information contact:-   David Heap,     078 2115 4389        Course instructor.

Have you ever wondered what the umpire means by waving his arms around in a strange fashion?

1.        Bolton  Umpires. 

Bolton Umpires & Scorers Association will hold a pre - season refresher/training day at Tonge CC. on April 2nd. 2017. (Free Lunch).  Full details are on our newsletter page.


2.   The following is an extract from the ECB Code of Conduct.  

Clubs should be aware that they have a responsibility for their players, officials, members and supporters. This includes offensive comments on social networking sites. Breaches will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

    1,8.   Players and club officials shall not make any public or media comment which is detrimental to the League, clubs, UMPIRES or the game in general. In this instance, media shall include press, radio,television, external websites, club websites, social networking sites and club match programmes.
    1,9.   Players and club officials shall not disclose or comment upon any alleged breach of this Code or upon hearing any report or decision arising from such a breach.
    1,10. Clubs must take adequate steps to ensure the good behaviour of their players, officials, members and supporters.

3.   Scorers.

      The ECB. Scorers incentive will continue to run over the 2017 season, this enables grass root cricket scorers to be graded as per ECB levels. Anyone interested please contact the ECB training officer Karen Knott. (01204535842).



Bolton League Umpires are committed to ensuring that all young people (aged under 18) who play cricket in the Bolton Cricket league or county squads have a safe, welcoming and a positive experience.

The BCLU&S.comply with and fully adopt Safe Hands – this is the England & Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) policy to safeguard children within cricket.  It promotes good practice, helps raise awareness and ensures people know what to do if they have any concerns about children or about the behaviour of adults in cricket.

Duty of Care.  Everyone involved in cricket, whether it is at Club, District or County level, has a duty to ensure the safety and welfare of any young person involved in the sport.  From prevention to protection, safeguarding in sport is everyone’s responsibility and involves keeping young people out of harm’s way both on and off the cricket pitch.  It is not the responsibility of any individuals within the Club, District or County to determine if abuse has taken place, but it is their responsibility, and the responsibility of everyone within cricket, to confidentially report concerns to the relevant Welfare Officer.

Information for Club Welfare Officers.

The ECB/LCB. require all Clubs with Junior Sections or with Under 18s regularly playing in Open Age Cricket to have a Club Welfare Officer. Do not hesitate to contact the County Welfare Officers for information and advice.

League Welfare Officers

The role of the League Welfare Officer is primarily to support the County Welfare Officers in the flow of information and deal with any minor incidents within their Leagues.  Clubs may also wish to ask for their advice on good practice issues but any safeguarding or welfare issues MUST be referred to the County Welfare Officers, not the League Welfare Officer.

All clubs must identify and appoint a Club Welfare Officer which must be notified to both County Welfare Officers. Those clubs that do not notify such appointment must realise that responsibility for child protection will fall to their Chairman.

Useful Links

County Child Welfare Officer – Mike Buckley, 07710 421231 –

                                                       BCL. Child Welfare Officer. -- John Hutchinson. -- 07733891091.

TMGCRB (for DBS checks) (CRB) – 0845 251 3000 –

External Sources of Assistance

NSPCC - 24 hour helpline if you are worried about a child – 0808 800 5000

If you think a child is in any immediate danger, call the police straightaway on 999 – then let the County Welfare officer know at the earliest opportunity.

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